Tips For Surviving A Condo Renovation

A condo renovation can be an exciting and fun project. Often it isn’t! Check out the tips below on how to survive a condo renovation.

Basement Flooding: Tips for homeowners

Basement flooding is a fairly common problem for many homeowners in Toronto, here are some tips for avoiding it in the future.

Off-leash dog parks in Toronto: Where to find one & how to request one in your neighbourhood

If you own a dog in Toronto you are most likely familiar with your nearest off-leash dog park.  For those of you that own a dog and are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city,  or would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog, or for those of you that are thinking […]

Downtown Toronto: A quick look at how it once was

With all the change that is currently underway downtown it is sometimes difficult to imagine what it looked like before all the office buildings and condos. To satisfy my own curiosity I’ve put together a collection of a few pictures of historic downtown Toronto dating from 1866 to 1950.

So is the sky really falling on Toronto real estate? Two thoughts to consider.

Yesterday the Toronto Real Estate Board released their report for the first two weeks of January 2013. It shows that so far 2013 is off to a better start than 2012, sales and prices are both up. Surprised? If you’ve read any of the doomsday reports that have circulated through the national media about real estate and this City then the answer is most likely yes.

City of Toronto Prohibited Animals: Make sure to check out this list before you buy your own unusual pet!

With all the excitement that Darwin the ‘IKEA Monkey’ has created, I thought it would be a great time to re-visit an old blog post I wrote a while ago regarding what animals you cannot own in the City of Toronto.

Water Efficiency: The do’s and don’t on how to save water (and money!)

For those of you that live in the City of Toronto you are probably aware by now that the City is currently installing automated water meters in all city households.

Protect Your Home: Simple & Inexpensive Tips For Protecting Your Basement From Flooding

Do you assume that because you live at the top of a really big hill or that since you’ve never had an issue before that your property is safe from basement flooding? Think again.

Toronto Neighbourhood Information: Interactive map from the City of Toronto

Location, location, location! When purchasing a new home this is one of the more obvious factors that comes into consideration with most buyers. Factors such as crime rate, quality/proximity of education, social housing, health care facilities, daycare facilities, public transportation and many more, all come into play. Plus, of course,…

Dog Parks In Toronto: A Complete List of Off-Leash Parks for Fido

If you own a dog in the city you are most likely familiar with the location of your nearest off-leash dog park. For those of you that are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city with your pet, would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog,…