Buying Tips: How To Be A Smart Home Viewer

When you’re viewing a potential new home, or checking out a property during a weekend “open house”, what should you look for beyond the obvious? Here are some buying tips to help you out

Homeowners Corner: Tips for reference checking

Most likely you are familiar with the concept of reference checking.  Perhaps you’ve had to give references to a potential employer. Perhaps you’ve had to check a potential employees references.  Reference checking is fairly standard in the Human Resource world and it should be no different in the world of Home Renovations! If you haven’t […]

Greening It Up: Tips for taking you and your household down a greener, environmentally-friendlier path!

Going green really isn’t that difficult, in fact there are many things that each of us can do every day in our homes that will help to play a part in reducing the waste in landfills, cleaning the air we breathe and helping to preserve the landscape around us.

2013 WINTER Commission Sale! Thinking about buying & selling real estate in the Toronto area then you need to check this out

If you’re in the GTA and thinking about buying and selling this season then you definitely need to check out our annual winter commision sale. It’s a fantastic deal and the best part is you don’t need to list today, all you have to do is register

Planning A Renovation: A summary of common mistakes that you really should try to avoid!

Planning a renovation for 2013? When you start planning your project you should realize that knowing what you shouldn’t do is almost as important as knowing what you should do! Check out the following 10 common mistakes made by those planning for a home renovation and do your best to avoid them!

A Few Ideas For Adding Space Without Adding On

You may not need an expensive addition to expand your space. Increase your usable square footage with these ideas: Renovate your basement or attic. Finishing unused areas in your home is the best way to increase livable space and add value. Create a play room, a home theatre, extra bedrooms, or an office, and consider […]

Getting Ready To Sell: Bathroom Staging Tips

The bathroom isn’t far off the kitchen in importance when getting your home ready for selling. Dirty, grimy bathrooms are an instant turnoff for most buyers, and really doesn’t it make sense? If you are truly serious about selling your home, this is a room that you must get ready…

TREB: Termites are a hidden problem

Termites are an issue throughout Toronto and certainly a factor that should be considered when purchasing a new home. A few months ago I wrote a blog about these little but potent pests, check out what TREB has to say in the article below. TREB: Termites are a hidden problem…