5 Tips For Reducing Allergens In Your Home

Living with stuffiness, allergies or asthma?  If so, there are some things you can easily do help alleviate the suffering.  Here are a few simple tips to help reduce allergens in your home.


#1: Keep things cool and dry.

Dust mites and mold love moisture and heat. To keep your air clean:

  • Run the A/C. It dehumidifies the air, filters out pollen and discourages mold and dust mites.
  • Use a dehumidifier to keep humidity levels between 30 and 50%.
  • Use the exhaust fan in the bathroom to vent moisture.

 #2: Banish dust mites

The waste they leave behind is what triggers most allergies.

  • Cover your mattress and pillows with allergen-impermeable covers, and wash your linens, curtains and slipcovers in HOT water (at least 130ºC). It’s the only way to kill mites.
  • Try a no-frills approach to decorating. Use blinds instead of heavy curtains, avoid upholstered headboards, and get rid of knick-knacks that collect dust.
  • Stick with hardwood or tile floors if you can, but if you have to have carpeting, go with low-pile and invest in a good vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  •  Keep the air clean with an air filtration system.
  • Wash stuffed toys regularly, and store them in covered plastic bins.

#3: Say goodbye to mold.

  • Check your plants. If you see or smell mold, put aquarium gravel over the dirt, or find them a new home.
  • Wallpaper traps moisture and grows mold. Get rid of old wallpaper, and never put new wallpaper over old – that just masks the problem.
  • Wash your shower curtain regularly, or buy one that’s antifungal.

#4: Tame pet dander.

If your best friend is making you itch and sneeze, saying goodbye isn’t your only option. Try these ideas first:

  • Minimize dander by washing your pet’s bedding often, and vacuuming the spaces where s/he hangs out.
  • Keep your pet out of the bedroom, and limit him to certain parts of the house.
  • Talk to your vet about dander-resistant products.

#5: Breathe clean air.

  • Avoid smoking in your home and limit using the fireplace, since smoke can irritate allergies and asthma.
  • Go natural. Forget scented sprays and harsh chemical cleaning products. Stick with simple, natural ingredients like baking soda, vinegar and lemon juice.
  • Keep your house dry, cool and clean, and you’ll be on your way to being healthier, happier – and sneeze-free!

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