A List of Safe Swimming Beaches In Toronto

Looking for a list of safe swimming beaches in Toronto?  Here it is!

With the weather expected to be pretty hot and sticky for at least the next couple of days, you may find yourself longing for a day at the beach.  If that sounds tempting, it might be a great time to take advantage of some of  the GTA’a swimming spots.

Of course you could go and check out one of the many outdoor pools (not the beach but at least outside!) located throughout the City.

However, if you feel like it you can actually swim at some of the GTA’s beaches.

Understandably, many of you may be concerned with the water quality at many of Toronto’s beaches.  Thanks to an organization called Environmental Defense, you can now put your mind at ease when dipping into the Lake! Environmental Defense has ranked 9 Toronto area beaches as safe swim zones and awarded them with their Blue Flag Designation.  In order to qualify for this designation, the beaches all had to meet  strict  international standards for both cleanliness and environmental management.

Check out the list below and happy swimming!


A List of Safe Swimming Beaches In Toronto

Ontario, Greater Toronto Area

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