A Quick Guide To Getting Your Home ‘Open House’ Ready

Open houses will draw a variety of people to your property; including potential buyers, neighbours, and real estate agents.   Whether planned for a few specific days or for individual appointments requested by agents, open houses are the key to selling so it is integral that you keep your house ready.  For most people this means living in the property while these viewing are going on, and this can be a bit of a pain!  So I thought I would put together a simple checklist below for keeping your home ready.  Hope it helps!

1. Open drapes and blinds.

2. Clean all windows and mirrors.

3. Turn on all the lights (even during the day and make sure to include outside, basement, closet and attic lighting).

4. Set the dinner table for a formal dinner.

5. If you have a fireplace light it in the cold season and make it sparkle in the warm season.

6. Put out fresh flowers but avoid ones that have strong scents.

7. Make sure the bathroom sparkles and use coordinating bathmats and towels in a neutral colour.  Wipe down the tub, shower and sinks after every use.

8. Put down all toilet seats.

9.  It’s best to find a place for your pets to go during this time but if that isn’t possible make sure they are kept in a place where they won’t interfere with the showing or open house.

10. Put on pleasing, easy-listening music.  Keep it soft!

11. Be aware of strong scents.  Avoid cooking strong-smelling dishes during the time your home is on the market, if you smoke take it outside!

12. Make sure the floors are kept clean and put a mat at the front door for people to clean their shoes on.

13.  Keep the kitchen clean!  Do all the dishes and make sure they are put away, clean the top, front, and inside of your fridges and stoves.

14. De-clutter the counters.

15. Keep the outside of your place neat.  If it’s snowy outside shovel, if it’s summer mow the lawn!

16. Take all garbage outside to the bin.

17. Turn off all computers.

18. Close the garage door.

19. Park your car elsewhere.

20.  Leave.  It’s awkward and intimidating for potential buyer’s to have you around as they look around your property and the idea is to make them as comfortable as possible so they can envision what their life would be like in this space.


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