Avoiding Moisture Problems in the Home

There are many sources of moisture in your home that can lead to serious problems, such as mould.


In the spring and summer time, these issues are pretty obvious – rain, thunderstorms and humidity in the air all add to any moisture problems you have inside.

However, moisture exists in your home regardless of the season. To keep moisture levels in check, consider these tips:

  • Make sure you have fans that are installed properly and working in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Bathrooms are an obvious source of moisture build-up. Contractor and TV personality Mike Holmes recommends keeping the fan going for at least half an hour after a shower.
  • Check regularly for water infiltration around window and door sills, as well as other intakes into the home, such as dryer vents and cable wiring.
  • Determine the humidity level in your home. According to Government of Canada it should be about 50% in summer and 30% in colder weather.(Keep in mind that humidity may vary greatly from room to room.)
  • Regularly inspect caulking around sinks, tubs and showers. Even a tiny break can cause water to leak gradually into the wall or floor, causing damage you may not notice for months.
  • Clean up wet spills as soon as possible. Be particularly careful with hardwood floors, as water can seep through and become trapped.
  • Repair leaking faucets and pipes immediately. Even a small drip can add significant moisture inside a vanity or kitchen cupboard.

Being mindful of moisture today can help you avoid potentially high repair bills later on and help improve the quality of the air your breath inside. 

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