Buying A Home: Does the House Fit the “Lifestyle Test”?

buying a home

Are you in the market or considering buying a home? If you are and are putting together your wish list, lifestyle is a very important criterion! After all, a home and its surrounding neighbourhood are the places where much of your lifestyle is going to be experienced.

So when considering buying a home, think about the lifestyle to which the property is going to lend itself. Ask yourself:

  • How much entertaining do we do?
  • Do we have children?
  • Do we plan on having more children?
  • Are the teenagers at home moving away soon?
  • Is it important to have good schools located nearby?
  • How long will the commute to work be?
  • How big of a backyard do we require?
  • Do we need a rec room?
  • How easy will it be to get to golfing, dance lessons, baseball practices, movies and other activities my family and I enjoy?
  • How important is it to be in a quiet area?
  • Do we want a local park nearby for jogging, playing with the kids, and walking the dog?
  • Do I have an older relative that might come to live with me?
  • Am I close to retirement?

This list is just an example. Ideally, when buying a home, you’ll create your own list of questions to consider.

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