Buying Tips: How To Be A Smart Home Viewer

Buying Tips: How To Be A Smart Home Viewer
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If you are considering moving to a new home collecting and putting together a list of buying tips is definitely a good idea!  So with that in mind, I decided today is a good day to post a few!

Viewing new homes on the market can be a very exciting and a fast-paced experience — especially if you’re also selling your current property. You see a home you like, you fall in love with some of its key features and, before you know it, you’re making an offer. But, if you haven’t taken the time to consider some of the details, you may wind up discovering that upon closer inspection, the home doesn’t truly meet your needs.

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Of course, you have to act quickly when you find a property that matches your criteria. You just need to make sure that the home really is a good fit, and that you’re not being swayed by first impressions.

When you’re viewing a potential new home, or checking out a property during a weekend “open house”, what should you look for beyond the obvious? Here are some buying tips to help you out:

  • Will the property require a lot of immediate repairs and upgrades?
  • Is it in a neighbourhood that supports your family’s needs and activities. (Consider commuting time to work, playgrounds for the kids, local shopping, etc.)
  • Is the yard big enough?
  • Is the driveway and garage space okay for all your vehicles?
  • Will your furniture and other items fit the space?
  • Are there enough bedrooms, bathrooms, closets and storage space? (Think about your current AND future needs.)

Avoid the temptation to focus on only the major features of a home, such as the large kitchen. Get down to the nitty-gritty details. After all, it’s a major purchase. You want to get it right!

Need more buying tips on finding a home that has everything you need and want? Check out this link to the CMHC’s website, they’ve put together a few checklist’s that are pretty helpful.  If you’d like additional information, call or email today, my team and I are always happy to help.

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