Choosing Paint Just Got Easier: ColorSnap the App by Sherwin-Williams

Choosing a colour for your painting project can be confusing, a quick trip to your local hardware or paint supply store is proof enough of that!  With literally thousands of colours to choose from and the mystical ability of colour samples to change hues drastically when moved from one spot to another, the process is daunting.  

On one of my recent projects (or more correctly my painting obsessed wife's projects) I discovered an app for my phone that made things remarkably easier.  The app is called  ColorSnap  and is supplied by the fine people of  Sherwin-Williams.  Probably the best feature for us was being able to take a picture of a colour that my wife loved and then matching it to one of the Sherwin-Williams colours.  Some of the other features include:

  • Create a custom palette or Ask Sherwin-Williams for colors that complement your color.
  • Search for specific colors or browse the full Sherwin-Williams color palette.
  • Fine tune colors using lightness, saturation and hue features.
  • Available for iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones
  • Save colors to your "My Saved Colors" library to compare palettes or share with friends and family via Facebook and email.

If you're about to start in on a painting project I highly recommend downloading the App, it's a simple tool to help make the process a bit less frustrating and a lot less time consuming!

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