DIY Friday: Create a garden path

If you’re looking for a great weekend do-it-yourself project why not consider adding a garden path to your yard.  It’s a great weekend project that can add so much character to your property.  A garden path or walkway will enhance the livability, functionality, and beauty of any home and garden.

DIY Friday: Create a garden path

The type of garden path you choose ultimately depends on how much traffic it gets, how much upkeep you have time for, and how much you want to spend.   Here are a few tips to consider when you are deciding on what works best for your property.

Tips for Creating A Garden Path

  • Assess Traffic First:  Will your walkway get a lot of foot traffic?  If so, you’ll want to remove several centimeters of topsoil and add a durable, solid surface such as gravel, brick, concrete pavers, or stone. If traffic isn’t much of a concern, select an easy and natural solution like wood chips or shredded bark.  Wood chips will cushion your feet, replenish the soil, and can help hide unwanted weeds.  For added foot comfort, opt for a turf path.  Just remember if you are opting for chips or mulch to consider any pets you have.  Dogs may end up eating or chewing on wood products and there are a number of these products that are poisonous to Fido.
  • To Maintain or Not to Maintain?  How much work do you want to put into your walkway?  Gravel and wood chips are easy to put down, allow for natural drainage, and won’t disrupt plant roots.  They’re also very affordable.  However, chips and stones need annual replenishing and some weeding may be required.  Mortared paths and dry-laid pavers need the least amount of maintenance, but are also more expensive.  As well, these types of heavy walkways could cause drainage issues and are prone to cracking and splitting.
  • Shape and Style:  Design your walkway with your garden in mind.  Leave space between stones to allow greenery to grow and keep the focus on the natural beauty of your plants. Use flagstones and create a rich mosaic pattern using the different shapes and sizes that look natural in any garden.  If you prefer a more modern look, go for square paving stones with a dark border that frames your walkway and complements the colours of your home.  Use a curved design to make any narrow areas seem wider and more spacious.
  • Let it Shine! Light up your walkway with LED or solar-powered spot lights and lanterns, so you can safely see your way at night. Alternatively, recessed lights that shine along the path offer a nice invitation for an evening stroll.   Hide lights in flower beds, pots and shrubs near your walkway.  Concealing the light source will illuminate your plants, offer up some mystery in your garden, and add ‘curb appeal’ to your backyard.

For some visual inspiration for your garden path visit my Pinterest page.  Have a great weekend!

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