Don’t Be Afraid To List In The Winter: The reasons why and some tips for getting ready

Many people believe that it isn’t a good idea to try to sell your property in the winter months and while it is true that the wintertime does present its own list of challenges for showing your property, there are some reasons why selling during this time isn’t such a bad idea.  Consider the following:

  1. You will have less competition from other listings.
  2. All of the reasons to buy are still in play (ie. job transfers, promotions, pregnancy, need for a bigger home, or downsizing)
  3. Some buyers may actually be more tempted to buy when there is a perception that there is less competition from other buyers.
  4. Buyers that are searching for properties in the wintertime tend to be more serious and have actual intentions to buy a property, thus decreasing the amount of window shopping you get.
  5. For the most part, prices don’t differ that drastically from season to season.

Remember though, if you do decide to list your home before spring it is important to realize that you will need to do a few extra things (on top of the normal pre-listing chores) to get your property ready.  Here are a few areas that should not be  missed:

  1. Include summertime photos of your home on the listing and any marketing material.
  2. Make sure the space feels cozy so don’t skimp on the heat!
  3. Light it up.  The winter months have more hours of dimness and darkness which can affect the mood inside, make sure to keep the lights turned on (and of course working) and window shades, blinds and curtains open.
  4. Use structural elements to your advantage.  It is hard for buyers to see what your yard has to offer, try using large urns and any structural walls, planters or benches to help them see the potential.
  5. Make sure to keep all walkways and entrances free and clear of snow and ice.


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