Downtown Attractions: CN Tower & the EdgeWalk

The CN tower is arguably the most recognized building in Canada and has been for the past 35 years.  Throughout its life the tower has been the architectural pride of Toronto and has attracted tourists from all over.  If you're ever lost in this city and can't figure out which way you’re headed, just look up, find the tower and set that point as south.

It is only fitting that this landmark is now going to be home to Toronto's newest 'extreme' attraction.  Starting in August, for a price tag of $175, you’ll be able to walk around the outside of the tower from 1,168 feet above ground.   The 'EdgeWalk' as it is being called is expected to take about 20-30 minutes (with additional time for instructions etc.) and will be the world's highest full circle, hands free walk (you'll be attached to an overhead safety rail via cables) on a five foot ledge at the top of the tower's main pod (home to the restaurant) and 116 stories off ground (not for the faint of heart!).

Check out the teaser video below and if you're brave enough to actually do the walk you can pre-buy your tickets at .



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