Fraser Institute Rankings For Toronto Elementary Schools

The Fraser Institute has released their Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools.  For those of you not familiar with the report, it is a yearly report that collects a variety of information and indicators of school performance so that parents can easily analyze and compare schools to one another. The Fraser Institute releases two reports a year – one for Elementary and one for Secondary Schools.

This year’s report has 7 Toronto area schools with perfect marks. For the 2013-2014 school years, the following Toronto schools all received perfect scores of 10;

  • Arbor Glen Public School;
  • Kennedy Public School;
  • Avondale Alternative Elementary School;
  • Cherokee Public School;
  • Hollywood Public School;
  • Sathya Sai School; and
  • the Islamic Foundation School.
This report is a handy tool for parents who are interested in moving to a new home (especially if it is in a neighbourhood that they aren’t familiar with) as it provides an easy comparison of local schools.   Below you will find a chart of the top 20 Toronto area elementary schools, listed by highest ranking to lowest.  To see the full list of Toronto elementary schools click here.  For more information on how the report is compiled check out this link to the full Report Card on Ontario’s Elementary Schools.
2013-14 Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 460
1/3037 1/2348 Arbor Glen Toronto 10.0 10.0
1/3037 1/2348 Kennedy Toronto 10.0 10.0
1/3037 n/a n/a Avondale Alternative Toronto 10.0 n/a
1/3037 n/a n/a Cherokee Toronto 10.0 n/a
1/3037 n/a n/a Hollywood Toronto 10.0 n/a
1/3037 n/a n/a Islamic Foundation Toronto 10.0 n/a
1/3037 n/a n/a Sathya Sai Toronto 10.0 n/a
14/3037 9/2348 David Lewis Toronto 9.9 9.7
14/3037 n/a n/a Dundas Ouest Toronto 9.9 n/a
18/3037 1/2348 Hillmount Toronto 9.8 10.0
18/3037 6/2348 Our Lady of Perpetual Help Toronto 9.8 9.8
18/3037 23/2348 Forest Hill Toronto 9.8 9.2
18/3037 n/a n/a Islamic Institute of Toronto Toronto 9.8 n/a
27/3037 11/2348 Denlow Toronto 9.6 9.6
27/3037 72/2348 Whitney Toronto 9.6 8.6
27/3037 n/a n/a Oriole Park Toronto 9.6 n/a
36/3037 14/2348 Blythwood Toronto 9.5 9.5
36/3037 22/2348 Harrison Toronto 9.5 9.3
36/3037 57/2348 Dunlace Toronto 9.5 8.7
36/3037 n/a n/a Scarborough Sud Toronto 9.5 n/a


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