Government of Canada renews ecoEnergy Retrofit program

EcoEnergy, government of canada, 2011, 2012 
 Good news for all of you out there that are thinking about starting in on renovations.  The Government of Canada has decided to renew the popular ecoEnergy Retrofit program.  From June 6, 2011 until March 31, 2012, you are eligible to receive grants totaling up to $5,000 for the purpose of making your home more energy-efficient.  Eligible improvements  include: heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, domestic hot water equipment, insulation, air sealing, windows/doors/skylights, and water conservation. 

This program has been popular in the past with those that have participated in it to date saving around 20 percent on their energy bills.  So if you're interested make sure that you sign up.  There are some changes in the way the program is being administered this time but it is great way to save some cash on energy efficient renovations!


  1. Great information regarding environment and energy. I would like to thank Canada government to approve this program. Thanks for sharing this nice information with us.

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