Identifying Your Home’s Unique Features

Identifying Your Home’s Unique Features

Identifying your homes unique features

It is surprising how often homeowners fail to recognize the unique features and value their individual property holds. The distinct property characteristics that set a home apart from other homes provide important selling perspectives that often become decision-making factors for interested buyers.

The key is to understanding your home’s most “marketable” features – those which hold the greatest importance to most potential buyers. Consider them the “micro market values” by which you must compete, should you ever decide to sell your property.

So, before you actually decide to list your home, you should be aware of its features. Here are some things to consider to help you get a better perspective on them, and their importance to you.

1. Your Community and Your Neighbourhood

  • Does your community hold certain advantages that protect it from minor economic swings, or disadvantages that make it more vulnerable?
  • Beyond traditional patterns, does your neighbourhood experience unique cycles throughout the year which affect the value (or perceived value) of homes?
  • Can you name other factors which can affect the community market values, such as population fluctuations, local culture or lifestyles, municipal services, or noticeable pollution levels?

2. Your Property and Your Home

  • Is your property in a desirable setting (eg. near recreational facilities, schools or community services, shopping or commercial developments, or major transit routes)?
  • Does your home have the potential for a major improvement, such as an extra room or an expanded entrance?
  • Is there potential for other property upgrades, such as a new garage, or a unique landscaping arrangement?

3. Make The Most of Your Home’s Advantage

  • Once you’ve identified your home’s greatest advantages, consider capitalizing on its best features! Even minor home improvements have a positive influence on the way your home is perceived, sometimes in direct comparison to other homes. In the end you will help your home sell faster and at a price that recognizes its true potential.


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