Images of Toronto during the Great War

My backyard is bordered at the end by what was once a munitions factory.  It's a beautiful old brick building with lovely ivy growing all over it and although once it was busy with the production of bullets now it sits quiet as a reminder of this City's involvement in the Great War.  Canada's last WWI vet, John Babcock, passed in 2010 but the memory of he and so many other brave Canadians since then lives on.  Today's blog is a collection of photos from Toronto during WWI.



Advertisement by Timothy Eaton's & Company announcing armistice, The Globe November 11, 1918

Training In High Park

Training in High Park, City of Toronto Archives

Yonge Street March 1915

Yonge Street March 1915, City of Toronto Archives

Parade down University Ave, City of Toronto Archives

Parade Down University Ave

Troops leaving from Old Union Station for Montreal to be deployed to Europe, City of Toronto Archives

Women working at King and Duncan munitions factory

Women working in a Munitions Factory (formerly car factory and returned to one after the war) at King and Duncan Streets, City of Toronto Archives


Armistice Day Bay and King 1918, City of Toronto Archives


If you're interested in viewing more images from this period make sure to check out the City of Toronto's archives, they have a wonderful collection. 

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