Improving Indoor Air Quality In Your Home

There’s an old saying: What you can’t see won’t hurt you. But, that’s not true. Less than ideal indoor air quality in your home can result in allergies, colds, languor, and even sleepless nights.

With the cooler months approaching, and hence more time spent inside, I thought it would be a great time to post some tips on how to improve indoor air quality in your home.  Hope they help and Happy Thanksgiving!

Let in the fresh air. Weather permitting, open windows and doors to help circulate stale indoor air with fresher outdoor air.

Change the furnace filter. According to studies, most filters on forced air heating systems in homes do not get changed regularly. Tip: Change the filter when you change the batteries in your smoke detectors – at least twice a year.

Easy on the household cleaners. Cleaners that are tough on stains can also have the same effect on your health. So use them with care. After cleaning any surface, wipe the residue dry with a clean absorbent cloth.

Keep things dry. Mould spores thrive on moisture. So make sure bathroom fans adequately remove humidity. A fan should be strong enough so that a piece of paper clings to the intake.



  1. Tom Seymour says

    Have you heard of Odorox Technology? The technology is a beast at eliminating off putting odours inside homes, apartments and large facilities…

    Let me know if you have any questions


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