Living In TO: Toronto Child Care Centres

When it comes time to move there are many things that buyers put on property wish lists.  Not surprisingly, that list often includes proximity to quality schools.  For many parents, this list also includes proximity to quality Toronto child care centres.

With over nine hundred licensed child care centres and over two thousand approved home care providers picking one can be tricky.  So where do you go to find out about Toronto child care centres?

My recommendation is to start at the City of Toronto’s website.  There you will find a full listing of licensed Toronto child care centres complete with; up-to-date rankings, contact information, programs offered, languages spoken and much more.  The list below will take you to an alphabetical listing of Toronto child care centres (I”ve included all the A’s) and the map below will take you to a listing of centres by Ward.

Hope the links help.  If you need any further information about neighbourhoods that look interesting, please feel free to contact me directly.

 Toronto Child Care Centres: Alphabetical listing

Centre Name

Toronto Child Care Centres:  By Ward

Toronto Child Care Centres By Ward





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