Neighborhood Spotlight: The Danforth/Greektown

Every summer the Taste of the Danforth happens and for three days what seems like most of Ontario converges on an ever expanding length of this Toronto street.  Most of the restaurants offer a small sampling of their menu, traditionally Greek fare, beer tents are set up and there's all sorts of entertainment.  It is a great event.  However, if this is the only time you explore the Danforth then you are most likely not experiencing all it has to offer as some of the retail stores along the route have historically chosen to close their doors for the weekend. 

The Danforth, although the official name of the street, is in neighbourhood terms considered by many to refer to the stretch of this street between Broadview and Jones referred to as ‘Greektown’.  ( )  As with many neighbourhoods in Toronto, the Danforth seems to be growing on a yearly basis and its boarders are constantly being blurred.  For today’s blog I’m going to focus in on the traditionally defined part of the street.  This area is flanked on the north side by Playter Estates and on the south side by Riverdale.

Along the Danforth you’ll find the City’s best Greek food, there is little doubt in this regard.  Two of my personal favourites are The Pantheon, who have absolutely fantastic fish and phenomenal dandelion, not to mention the serving staff who never fail to make the experience an enjoyment; and Messini’s, which I believe to be home to the best Gyros in town, which also may explain why they are consistently lined up!  If they are, grab yourself some Gyros to-go and wander over to Withrow Park, it’s just minutes away.

Greek is not the only type of cuisine you will find along this stretch, increasingly there are other options to enjoy.  Whether it’s the Irish-American food of Allen’s;  the locally sourced, globally inspired fair of The Globe Bistro; the freshly made Italian favourites of 7 Numbers;  or the traditionally inspired pub fair at The Auld Spot, rest assured you have choices and won’t leave the Danforth hungry! 

There are other things to do along this stretch, eating isn’t the only pastime and in this regard the offering is varied.  There is Balisi if you’re looking for a fine selection of European shoes; Ici Paris if you’re looking for some good skin care and a phenomenal spa experience; the Carrot Common home to the Big Carrot a staple for those that are searching for an excellent selection of organic, fair trade products; or iQ Living if you’re searching for some fun new tools and gadgets for your kitchen.

This area is also home to some fantastic fitness facilities.  If you feel like checking out a yoga class you have the Yoga Sanctuary or Moksha Danforth (my wife’s favourite), if you want to spin AND do yoga there is Energia, or if you just want a good workout there is Extreme Fitness. 

Moral of this blog, take an afternoon and wander down the Danforth.  It’s an easy place to get to, connected by subway, streetcar, bus, or easily accessible by car (just make sure to obey the speed limit if you’re coming across Bloor on the bridge, it’s one of the area’s most notorious speed traps!).  Make a day of it and finish off with a relaxing dinner at one of the many restaurants the area has to offer. 

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