Neighbourhood Spotlight: Riverside or is it Leslieville?

With the east end becoming more and more trendy it's a lot of fun to sit back and watch as new restaurants and shops open up.  A lot of people may consider everything east of the DVP in and around Queen and Dundas all the way to the Beaches to be considered Leslieville.  Others have been attempting to keep this area called Riverside.  Regardless of its name it is amazing how much the area is changing and how all of a sudden that part of Queen is starting to feel a lot more like Queen West!

The area on Queen East between Hamilton and De Grassi has exploded with fantastic places to enjoy a meal or a cocktail.  In the past couple of years we've seen places like Prohibition, PicNic Wine Bar, Le Rossignol, Table 17, The Comrade and most recently Ruby Watch Company join the old-time favourites Real Jerk, Blue Moon and the aptly named Dangerous Dan's.  I even hear rumours that one of Toronto's top chefs (and east side restaurant owner) may be opening a new boutique grocery soon!

There's been a number of boutique style places open up as well.  Hardware, MacFab and Kimberley Jackson are among the great stores to go and visit if you're looking to do some interior decorating. If you feel like a workout swing by EnergyXChange or QuadEast for a quick spinning class.  You can even finish your workout or day of shopping with a fantastic cup of espresso at either the Dark Horse or the Canadian Pie Company. 

Simply put, it's a great neighbourhood. Lots of things are changing and if you haven't had the chance to enjoy it, you should definitely add it to your list of places to head on a sunny afternoon….presuming that the sun shows it face at some point this year!

Check out this link to blogTO for a list of area shops and restaurants:

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