Packing Tips For Your Move

Today’s post is all about packing tips for the move into your new home. I’m sure you are quite aware that when you are preparing to move, you’ll need plenty of boxes and tape. Along with some bubble wrap, old newspapers or packing paper to use as protective wrapping for more delicate items.

However, that may not be all you need. Those things might be enough to make the move happen, but definitely aren’t enough to make the move easy!

Take a look at this list and make sure to have these items on hand while you are packing up your house for moving day.

Packing tips for moving day
  • Colour markers for labelling boxes. Colour coding boxes by room makes it much easier for unloading the truck and for unpacking. There are a couple of options here. You can either pick up coloured Sharpies (or any other type of marker!) or you can use coloured paper taped to boxes. The latter method makes it a bit easier to list what is in each box if you prefer to do that.
  • Stretch wrap. This is simple – to wrap anything that can’t fit in a box so that it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Small plastic bags. Ziploc (or other similar product) work well. Put disassembled parts into bags. Things like; sofa legs, cabinet hardware, and screws. As a side note, it is also helpful to put a note reminding you what piece of furniture items came off of – especially the bags that just have screws!
  • A dolly or hand truck. If you don’t have one, rent one. These make moving heavy items so much easier!
  • Foam corner protectors. These prevent furniture with sharp corners from banging and damaging other items.
  • Foam Furniture sliders. Inevitably some items will need to be slid into position. Foam sliders will protect your hard surfaced floors from being scratched or damaged.
  • Mattress/furniture moving bags. Protecting softer surfaces from the dangers or rain, stains and tears is always a good idea!
Planning ahead and having the right packing and moving materials on hand will make your move less stressful and, hopefully, damage-free.

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