Saving On Your Home Renovation

With spring officially here and winter weather slowly starting to leave Toronto many of you may be considering a home renovation project.  Perhaps, now that barbecue season is in sight, you’re considering redoing the kitchen or perhaps it’s time to update your bathroom or redo the backyard.

Tackling  renovation project can be a lot of fun.  It can also be really expensive – which for many of us isn’t so much fun!  With a little creativity there are ways to save on the supplies for your next home renovation project.  Check out these relatively simple tips.

1.   Don’t Underestimate Estimates
Get at least three estimates for your renovation project to ensure you’re getting the best value and do a little research on the companies you are considering using.  Ask each contractor to break their quote down between labour and materials.  Make sure you’re not charged for any materials that go unused or can be returned.

2.  Think Outside of the Box-store
When shopping for supplies, get creative!  Check out your local ReStore location – they can have some great items just waiting for a new home!  Also consider liquidation stores that often have low-prices on overstocked materials and search on-line or newspapers for classified ads where people may have leftover supplies they are selling.

3.  Don’t Pay for the Load
Having a store transport your building supplies can be very expensive.  If possible, transport the supplies yourself or rent a discount truck or trailer to save on costs.  Depending on the store, you may be able to negotiate a better price (see number 6!).

4. Save on the Small Things
If a contractor’s quote exceeds your renovation budget, negotiate a better price by offering to take care of some of the smaller tasks that you have the skill set to take on.  Perhaps you can help with the clean up, the painting, the picking up of supplies, or even the light demolition duties if you’re willing to get a little dirty.

5.  Use the Internet for Hard-to-Find Fixtures
Can’t find the perfect pot lights, retro curtain rods, or the most fitting faucet for your renovation?  The Internet puts a huge selection of hard to find products at your fingertips.  Look for specials with daily deal sites, seek out coupons and promotional codes that can give you deep discounts during checkout, and ensure you’re comfortable with the company’s return policy and shipping costs before you buy.

6.  Ask and You May Receive!
Never be afraid to ask for a discount, especially when making large or bulk purchases.  If working with a contractor, ask for a better price if you offer to give them a testimonial, or write a blog for their website with before and after photos of your project.

7.  Time it Right
You might want to consider the time of year you decide to tackle your project or at the very least when you buy your materials.  Upgrading your kitchen or bathroom?  The new year is your best time to buy supplies for the job. Building a deck or a gazebo for your garden? Aim to buy in late summer or fall.  Time your project after the season is over, because that’s when stores discount their supplies to make room for the next season’s materials.

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