Report Card On Toronto Secondary Schools

On Sunday the Fraser Institute released their Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools.  For those of you not familiar with the report, it is a yearly report that analyzes a variety of information of school performance.  There are a couple of goals for this report.  One is to help parents easily analyze performance of individual schools.  The other is to help assist those that are trying to improve their schools the tools and insight to do so.
The Fraser Institute releases two reports a year; one for Elementary and one for Secondary Schools.  The Secondary School Report includes 740 public, Catholic and private schools located across the province.
Toronto actually had three of the fastest improving schools in the province according to the report.   St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School, St. Mary’s Catholic and Bloor Collegiate Institute all performed remarkably better than they did in previous years.  Toronto also had the highest ranked school in Ontario with St. Michael’s Choir (a private school) ranking 9.9 out of 10.  The highest ranked public school in Toronto was William Lyon Mackenzie, which placed eleventh overall with a rating of 9.0.
The Fraser  Institute’s Report Cards are a handy tool for parents who are interested in moving to a new home (especially if it’s a neighbourhood new to them) as it provides an easy comparison of local schools.  It helps by making it easy to find schools with the best academic programs and makes it easy to check improvement of schools over time.
For more information on how the report is compiled check out this link to the full Report Card on Ontario’s Secondary Schools. To check out how other  Toronto Secondary Schools scored, check out this link.

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