Seasonal Decorating: Tips for condominium owners

Every Condo Board has its own set of rules and regulations about what are and aren’t allowed when it comes to decorations for the holiday season.  Before buying a new bundle of lights or a whopping 8 foot tree you should check with your Condo Board’s rules and regulations.

Typically most building will have restrictions about the following three major holiday decorating items.

1. Real Christmas Trees:  When you think about it there are a few logical reasons for not allowing real trees.  First of all they pose a rather major fire hazard if they aren’t properly watered and second they do create a mess (especially at the end of their life span!).

2. Outdoor lighting: Most condos, if they allow outdoor lighting on balconies,will require that it is safe for outdoor use!

3. Wreaths on Interior Doors:  There are a few reasons why Condo Board’s don’t allow you to do this and the first has to do with fire hazards as drilling holes in your entrance way door can affect its resistance to fire.  As well, if using artificial wreaths if there is a fire, many are made of products that can release toxic fumes.

Before starting in on your decorating fun find out the answers to the following questions and have fun!

1. Will the Corporation allow lights and other decorations outside on balconies?

2. Will the Corporation allow lights and decorations on the interior of units but visible from the outside?

3. What about door decorations, if I can’t drill a hole in my door can I hang one on a wreath hanger?

4. How long should the decorations be permitted to stay in place?

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