Staging Your Bathroom: Top Ten Tips

The bathroom isn't far off the kitchen in importance when getting your home ready for selling.  Dirty, grimy bathrooms are an instant turnoff for most buyers; and really who can blame them? If you are truly serious about selling your home then this is a room that you must get ready for the process.  Here are a few simple tips.

1. Clean!  Impeccable cleanliness is imperative in the bathroom.  This is the time to make the tub sparkle, the taps shine and the baseboards dust free.  This cannot be stressed enough. You may even consider having a professional cleaner come in and do a once over on the entire house to help the process.

2. Definitely related to the first point; clean your grout and fix your tiles.  If the tiles are loose then re-glue, if the white grout is grey (or worse yet black!) get out the cleaning products and toothbrush and get it clean (this is where you may want to bring in the professional  cleaner!).

3. Clean and repair caulking. Caulking is an easy thing to repair, if you aren't sure of how to do it just ask at your local hardware store, they'll be able to give you quick tips on how to get it done effectively.

4. De-clutter.  Get rid of your countertop clutter.  Now is the time to neatly put away the skin care products, toothbrushes, and blow dryers.  But don't just cram them in drawers, serious buyers (and nosey ones alike!) will open up any cupboards or drawers to inspect storage space. It's also the time to get rid of any magazines or books that may be adding to the clutter.  Less really is more!

5. Make it feel like a spa.  Invest in some fresh towels, towel rack, toilet paper holder, soap dish and dispenser.  If you have a shower curtain then get a new (and hence) clean one!  Keep in mind that it is best to try and keep everything neutral so white or off white is best.

6. Toilet.  Seriously, can you think of a bigger turn off then a dirty, grimy toilet?  If there is any part of the toilet that doesn't work (ie. plug in the tank or seat cover that's cracked) then replace it.   During any showings, or openhouses make sure to keep the lid down.

7. Consider re-painting.  It isn't essential but a clean coat of neutral paint can make any space feel like new!  If time allows then  seriously consider putting this on the list.

8. Show off those floors.  Buyers don't want to think that the lovely new bathmat you've just bought to coordinate with the towels, was purchased to cover some unsightly stain under it! Instead show it off on the side of the tub.  Keep the floors clean and make sure they are free of clutter.  This will not only help to make the room look better but also bigger.

9. Replace outdated hardware.  If your bathroom cupboards are looking out of date consider replacing the hardware.  It's a relatively quick and inexpensive way to update outdated cupboards, just remember to keep it simple.  Now is not the time to buy the handles shapped like cats!

10. Add a small bouquet of fresh flowers.  Make sure of two things; first, ensure that the display isn't so big that it dwarfs your counter and second, make sure the flowers aren't too fragrant as to be offensive (as I've stated in pri0r blogs now is not the time to invest in stargazer lilies!





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