Swim Guide: Find Toronto’s swim safe beaches

Looking for a beach to hit this summer?  Then you won't want to be without this (free) app for your smart phone or link to the website created by a local based charity called Lake Ontario Water Keeper. 

The organization has put together a comprehensive guide to the major public beaches across Toronto as well as an additional 800 beaches across the Great Lakes regions.  The app shows you where the closest beaches are to you via Goggle maps and where it is available gives you real time beach status updates.  Complete with a colour coded system that reports on water quality and a description of each beach this is a fantastic way to find the closest, cleanest, safest places to swim in this city. 

Swim Guide Toronto, App

The app is currently available for all of you that have Apple devices (http://www.theswimguide.org/download.php), will be soon released for those with Androids and a little later on for Blackberry users.  If you don't have any of these devices not to worry, you can always use their website:  http://www.theswimguide.org/index.php 

Happy swimming!


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