Toronto In The Winter: A reminder of what snow looks like!

It's January 4th, the decorations are away (almost) and the house back in order (kind of), yet I feel as if something is still missing.  When I stumbled on a video about getting a head start on the spring time garden it occurred to me that what is missing is the snow.  In fact as I look out into my backyard it almost seems as if the garden hasn't quite died from last season! Sure we've had a bit of snow, and certainly the 25 below weather of yesterday is winter like but the lack of long lasting, lovely, clean winter whiteness has been missing!  

So my solution last night was to look to see if I could find some winter shots from around Toronto from years gone by and live vicariously through them (hoping to remind myself that I really in fact don't miss the snow!). Hope you enjoy!

Blizzard of 1999:

1999 Blizzard Toronto Ontario


Winter Driving Downtown Toronto:

Winter driving toronto ontario

(So the first three pictures were a reminder to me of the not so fun parts of major snowstorms so I thought it only fair to share some of the more enjoyable qualities!)

Riverdale Park 1914:

RiverdalePark-January 17, 1914 Toronto Ontario

Riverdale Park:

Riverdale Park Toronto Ontario


Lakeshore Blvd 1925:
Lakeshore_Boulevard_Winter_1925 Toronto Ontario

(Lakeshore isn't looking too enjoyable, actually looks kind of windy, and miserable but at least there isn't traffic!)

Skating on the Don River:


 High Park 1919:

Highpark1919tobogganslides Toronto Ontario

High Park Landscape:

High-Park Toronto Ontario

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