Toronto Neighbourhood Information: Interactive map from the City of Toronto

Location, location, location! When purchasing a new home this is one of the more obvious factors that comes into consideration with most buyers.  Factors such as crime rate, quality/proximity of education, social housing, health care facilities, daycare facilities, public transportation and many more, all come into play.  Plus, of course, there are a multitude of personal requirements and preferences.

So where can you find out some of this information?  Last year the City of Toronto  website launched a tool called Wellbeing Toronto.  Described as a measurement and visualization tool that helps evaluate community well being across the city’s 140 neighbourhoods, this site may be a good tool for those of you out there that are looking to narrow down your choices for potential locations.

It is a well laid out tool and fairly easy to use, allowing you to select neighbourhoods from a clearly labelled map and giving you statistics for the area including; physical size, population, children, youth, seniors, and average family income.   For example here is the information retrieved about South Riverdale;

South Riverdale
  • Avg Family Income:$75,333.00
  • LICO After Tax:18.0%
  • Lower Education:44.7%
  • Higher Education:6.4%
  • Visible Minority:47.8%

If you would still like further information you can click on Neighbourhood Details to get a more in depth look or you can add layers to your map to search and see schools, fire services, EMS, seniors housing, arenas, community centres and libraries.

I found the tool to be effective and user friendly.  It ran a little slow on my computer so  I would recommend following the advice on which browsers to use.   Certainly this tool can be helpful for those of you that haven’t figured out where you want to live or are unfamiliar with some of the neighbourhoods in Toronto and want to get snapshot of what is out there.


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