Condo Dogs


If you don't own a basset hound then you won't understand my level of surprise when I found out that according to numerous websites they make a great condo pet.   I own a basset hound and her rather deep and exceptionally loud bark every time she hears a car that even remotely sounds like mine is proof enough that she wasn't meant to be raised in a condo.

To be fair it is true that she has a few qualities that are ideal for condo living, for example she is rather lazy and spends a lot of her indoor time sleeping.  So there is a genuine possibility that the websites aren't wrong and perhaps that I just own a rather ill trained dog which I'll very kindly blame my wife for.

For those that live in a condo or are planning to and either own or would like to own a dog it is definitely essential to do some research.  Most condos in Toronto, if not all, have strict policies regarding what type of animal (dog, cat, fish bird or ferret), the size of said animal, and the amount of non-human companions that can cohabitate with you.

To be clear, if you own/buy a pet that isn't on the 'approved' list for your building you will most likely be asked to get rid of your pet or leave the building.

So deciding on a breed (especially when it comes to dogs) that fit both with your buildings requirements and your own personality is essential.   There are plenty of dogs that make superb condo dwellers, if you're a Great Dane kind of person you don't necessarily have to settle with a Toy Poodle!   In fact the Great Dane's personality and energy level make him ideal for condo living if your board allows a dog of his stature.

One of the keys to successfully living in a condo with your dog is your own willingness to physically go outside with your dog for daily walks and for multiple bathroom breaks.  If either of these things even remotely sound uninteresting to you then reconsider your choice to bring Fido into your condo space, maybe a cat is a better option! If you really want to own a dog do your research before investing in your new best friend.  Check out the links below to some great information on dogs suitable for condo living.


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