City Of Toronto: Off Leash Dog Parks 2013

It seems that, as I look around I notice more and more off leash dog parks. Check out this list of official off leash dog parks in Toronto.

Off-leash dog parks in Toronto: Where to find one & how to request one in your neighbourhood

If you own a dog in Toronto you are most likely familiar with your nearest off-leash dog park.  For those of you that own a dog and are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city,  or would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog, or for those of you that are thinking […]

Design with Fido in Mind

Most Canadians would probably agree: a house is not a home without a pet. Over two thirds of Canadian households own at least one cat or dog and many own both – that’s a lot of furry friends. The problem, however, is that a pet can take a toll on your living space and put a damper on your design plans.

Condo Dogs

If you don’t own a basset hound then you won’t understand my level of surprise when I found out that according to numerous websites they make a great condo pet. I own a basset hound and her rather deep and exceptionally loud bark every time she hears a car that…