How to Decorate a Room on a Shoestring

It would be ideal if you could hire an interior designer and completely remodel and decorate your living room.

Picking The Right Fireplace For Your Home

With the forecast calling for another bout of incredibly cold weather, I thought now would be a great time to write a bit about fireplaces.

Interior Design: Determine what you like before you start shopping!

There are many interior design styles for homeowner’s to choose from when it comes time to decorating and with so many options to choose from identifying your own particular interior design style can become difficult.

DIY Friday: Paint Your Trim Like A Pro

A great way to enhance the beauty of your home is to add or upgrade trim and moldings and this is especially true if they’re properly finished!

Tips For The Garden: Environmentally Friendly Gardening

If you’re putting thought into what to do to your property, you might want to start by considering the impact your yard and garden has on the environment.

Green Renovations: 7 tips for your project

If you are debating about doing some work on your home you might want to consider undertaking environmentally friendly, green renovations.

Dealing With Winter Damage In Your Yard

Winter damage has been particularly brutal on many yards and gardens this year, here are tips on how to deal with it now that it is spring.

Give Your Laundry Room The Wow Factor

The laundry room often gets the short end of the stick! Here are some tips for giving your laundry room the wow factor!

Home Ownership: Fall Gardening Tips

Simple fall gardening tips to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter and next spring or for getting your home ready for the Fall market.

Late Summer Gardening Tips

Late summer gardening, is it really necessary?  Isn’t this the time to sit back, relax and enjoy the results of all your hard work throughout the earlier part of the season?  For most gardens (and gardeners!) it is true that this is the time of the season when your kitchen gardens are being harvested and […]