Pet Friendly Interior Decorating Tips

There are many great options available to make your home more pleasant for you and your pets. Check out the pet friendly interior decorating tips below.

Interior Design: 6 tips for determining your interior design style

Identifying your own particular interior design style can be difficult – even frustrating! Here are 6 tips for finding your personal interior design style.

Gardening Season: Design a Water-Efficient Yard

Gardening season is here! You can create a beautiful garden, lower your water bill & relieve the burden on municipal water supplies by following a few tips.

Fence Me In! Tips for defining your yard

Good fences make good neighbours and the right fence can really make your yard. These tips can help you find a style that works for your space.

7 Tips For Creating Your Condo Balcony Garden

Attention condominium dwellers:  just because you live in a condo and don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden!  With a bit of planning you can create a condo balcony garden oasis and as a bonus extend your overall living space. Like many gardeners you may be feeling the call of […]

If I Were A Dog These Doggie Homes Might Make The Short-List!

I was thinking about purchasing an outdoor dog house for my lovely basset hound this year; mainly for those warm summer months when she so desperately wants to be in the backyard when her people are out there. So I started looking around the internet for possible options. In my mind I thought I would probably end up liking something that looks like this:

Is There a Bathroom In There? Tips and ideas for keeping your bathroom organized

Have you ever reached inside of your bathroom medicine cabinet to grab the toothpaste and had a small avalanche of products fall on you? Or have you tried searching under the sink for the hair dryer only to find that it seems to have disappeared under a pile of miscellaneous bathroom paraphernalia?

What To Do With The Wasted Space Under Your Stairs

Do you have some extra, under-utilized space under the stairs in your house? Are you wondering how to make this space functional? You wouldn’t be alone! In many houses this space often seems to be wasted and, quite frankly, useless but with a little creativity this really doesn’t need to be the case.

Design with Fido in Mind

Most Canadians would probably agree: a house is not a home without a pet. Over two thirds of Canadian households own at least one cat or dog and many own both – that’s a lot of furry friends. The problem, however, is that a pet can take a toll on your living space and put a damper on your design plans.

Styling Your Home On A Budget

Just because you are on a budget, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style in your home. If it’s time to refresh your décor but you don’t think you have the necessary funds, think again. Here are a few ways you can add a touch of luxury to any room of your home without breaking the bank: