Gardening: Tips For Avoiding Waste When Watering Your Lawn

Avoiding Waste When Watering Your Lawn If you have a lawn then you probably find yourself having to water it. The following tips will help you avoid waste when watering your lawn: Use a low-angle, pulsating sprinkler. Water sprayed high into the air produces a mist that loses much of its moisture through evaporation. Water […]

Home Ownership: Fall Gardening Tips

Simple fall gardening tips to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter and next spring or for getting your home ready for the Fall market.

Dog Friendly Gardening: A list of plants that could harm your dog

Dog friendly gardening: if you own a dog you need to be aware that there are many plants that can harm or kill your dog. Here is a list of toxic plants.

Landscaping: Chemical Free Lawn Care Tips

Summer is quickly approaching, and for many homeowners the lawn battle is about to begin (if it hasn’t already!). We weed it, we mow it, we water it; all in the hopes of achieving the perfect lawn.

Gardening Season: Design a Water-Efficient Yard

Gardening season is here! You can create a beautiful garden, lower your water bill & relieve the burden on municipal water supplies by following a few tips.

DIY Friday: It’s time to start thinking about those Springtime gardening chores!

With the beginning of spring-like weather (so today may not be the best example of that type of weather!) many of you may be starting to get excited about  another season of gardening.  For those of you that are considering selling your home this spring, it is a fantastic idea to get out there as […]

Fabulous Fall: Gardening Tips

Fall is a feast for the eyes with red, gold and bronze hues. While enjoying the trees in their tawny splendour, consider these simple tips to prepare your garden for the upcoming winter.

10 Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tips

With springtime fully underway you may find yourself in the position of wanting to make changes to your yard here are 10 environmentally friendly tips.

Condominium Living: Springtime gardening tips for your balcony

Attention condominium dwellers: just because you live in a condo and don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden! With a little bit of planning you can extend your living space right onto your balcony.

Environmentally Friendly Gardening

Plants are sitting in our backyard waiting for holes to be dug, mulch is sitting in bags (and I stress the plural part of that word!) waiting to be spread, and plans are underway to remove any remaining grass in our yard and replacing it with a drought resistant, ‘unkillable’ ground cover (I’ll get back to you at the end of the year with news of our success or failure with this amazing super plant!).