Give Your Outside Space a Wash & Haircut

When preparing a home for sale, most people focus on making the inside look as appealing as possible. But the outside of your property deserves your attention too. After all, it’s the first thing a potential buyer sees. You can dramatically improve the appearance of your property on the outside by giving it a “wash […]

Getting Ready To Sell? Remember to create curb appeal

Curb appeal. You’ve probably heard that term before. It refers to how valuable and enticing your home looks to a buyer who is “standing on the curb”.

Home Ownership: Fall Gardening Tips

Simple fall gardening tips to prepare your yard for the upcoming winter and next spring or for getting your home ready for the Fall market.

DIY Friday: It’s time to start thinking about those Springtime gardening chores!

With the beginning of spring-like weather (so today may not be the best example of that type of weather!) many of you may be starting to get excited about  another season of gardening.  For those of you that are considering selling your home this spring, it is a fantastic idea to get out there as […]

Go From Listed To Sold In 2013: The Charles Francis Team’s tips to selling your home in the 2013 real estate market

In any market it is important to make sure that your home is ready for potential buyers to fall in love with; you want to present buyers with a home that they walk into and want to make it their own. So how do you do that? Below you will find a list of tips, put together by my team, to give you some insight into what steps you can take for successfully turning that listed sign into a sold sign!

Drive Up Your Curb Appeal: 4 Updating Tips

Is your home’s first impression being hindered by a bland driveway, or an eyesore of a walkway? If so, it might be time to kick start your curb appeal with a few upgrades.

Fabulous Fall: Gardening Tips

Fall is a feast for the eyes with red, gold and bronze hues. While enjoying the trees in their tawny splendour, consider these simple tips to prepare your garden for the upcoming winter.

10 Environmentally Friendly Gardening Tips

With springtime fully underway you may find yourself in the position of wanting to make changes to your yard here are 10 environmentally friendly tips.