Condominium Living: Springtime gardening tips for your balcony

Attention condominium dwellers:  just because you live in a condo and don’t have a backyard doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful garden!  With a bit of planning you can extend your living space right onto your balcony.  Like many gardeners you may be feeling the call of spring and anxious to get going on your outdoor space, but before you go and spend up a storm there are  few things you should keep in mind when starting this project.  Check out the tips below and happy gardening!

  1. Check out your building regulations to find out if there are any limitations.  Before you drill into the side of your building to mount a trellis OR drill into the balcony above you for a beautiful hanging basket OR invest in a lovely over-the-railing basket of blooms, make sure you can!
  2. Find out if your balcony can handle the weight!  Pots filled with dirt can weigh a lot so make sure to find out what the weight restrictions are for your building.  Consider filling a third of the pot with a lightweight substance (ie. the empty cell packs from the plants you are planting) to lessen the load.
  3. Consider how you will water your plants.  Running a hose may not be a possibility for you and container plants tend to dry out faster than those in the ground, especially in windy locations, so remember  that you WILL have to water your garden and that means (most likely) carrying a watering bucket across your suite!
  4. Consider your neighbours, especially those below!  When watering your plants remember that excess water (and most likely a little dirt from the plant!)  may drip down on those below.
  5. Make sure you can fit your new plants, pots and other garden items  in the elevator;  if they do fit, check to see if you need to reserve the elevator for moving in your supplies.
  6. Choose plants that are right for your location and the amount of sun you get.  Also keep in mind that the further you go up the windier it gets!  Choose containers that won’t knock over easily and consider investing in tough plants to use as a windbreak.
  7. Where do you plan on storing your gardening equipment, pots and furniture over the winter?  Some of these things may be able to stay out on the balcony all year, but make sure to have a plan for the items that can’t.



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