Tips For Heating Your Home Efficiently

The dramatically rising cost of home heating is a bothersome concern for many Canadians. Here are some tips on how to heat your home.

If I Were A Dog These Doggie Homes Might Make The Short-List!

I was thinking about purchasing an outdoor dog house for my lovely basset hound this year; mainly for those warm summer months when she so desperately wants to be in the backyard when her people are out there. So I started looking around the internet for possible options. In my mind I thought I would probably end up liking something that looks like this:

Home Insurance: What your Insurance Company may look at when it comes time to insure your home

Before an insurance company can arrive at an appropriate premium for your property, it must first assess the likelihood that you will submit a claim. For the most part, the lower the risk (for example a well-maintained home with updated wiring and plumbing) the lower the insurance premium