How to Decorate a Room on a Shoestring


It would be ideal if you could hire an interior designer and completely remodel and decorate your living room. But, let’s face it, that could be very expensive.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make your current room look a lot better. Here are some simple, tips that will help you decorate on a budget.

  • Put a covering over your worn sofa or chair. A simple throw blanket placed at an angle can make a dramatic difference.
  • Plants, real or artificial, make just about any room look better. Just don’t overdo it.
  • Don’t try to hide problem areas. Instead, accent them. For example, if the window sill is worn and aged, place a couple of antique-looking ornaments on it!
  • Re-do the walls. Move pictures around. Consider adding other wall decor, such as plates and mini-shelves.
  • Freshen up your kitchen by getting new hardware for the cupboards.
  • Place your favourite hard-cover books around the room. Add illustrated books in the living room and cookbooks in the kitchen or dining room.
  • Lamps, especially interesting looking ones, can go a long way toward enhancing a room.
  • Get a new shower curtain!

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Be daring. Sometimes just moving a picture or a piece of furniture can make all the difference.

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