Interior Design: Determine what you like before you start shopping!

There are many interior design styles for homeowner’s to choose from when it comes time to decorating and with so many options to choose from identifying your own particular interior design style can become difficult, confusing and frustrating! However, if you decide the style that suits you best before you start shopping,  decorating your home will become much easier (and more rewarding!). With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to decide your own interior design style, hope they help!


  1. Evaluate your likes and dislikes by looking at the furniture and accessories you have now.   Our homes often become a patchwork of different interests, styles and cultures over time.   Which of these do you feel passionate about?   Which would you like to disappear?
  2. Collect information from home decorating TV shows, magazines and websites (Pinterest is a fun place to get ideas).   Note the details of any room you happen to feel comfortable in.  What it is about the ambiance that appeals to you? Is it the lighting, wall colour or furnishings?
  3. Imagine your ideal holiday accommodation.   Is it a sleek boutique hotel in a contemporary style, a cozy B&B with shabby chic decor, or an elegant inn furnished in a traditional way?   These are all personal interior design styles – pinpoint your favourite as a cue to your’s!
  4. Consider where you enjoy shopping for home furnishings.   Do you travel back in time browsing antique and second-hand stores, or do you fast forward with a yen for the ultra modern in design décor?   This is another great indicator of your personal style.
  5. Translate your passion for places into your style.   If your ideal setting is by the sea, create a restful room with light furniture set against cool breezy colours of blue, aqua and green.   Alternately, sleek leather furniture, mirrored tables and dramatic accessories evoke a lounge-like experience.
  6. Mix it up!   Indulge your eclectic taste. From modern to traditional, and everything in between, one of the most important rules in decorating is to choose what you really love.   If your home is comfortable, relaxing and stamped with your own interior design style, you’ll enjoy it all the more.

Creating a coordinated home can be a lot of fun once you’ve determined your interior design style.   Whatever your personal style turns out to be,  remember to always aim for a clutter-free look.  Not only is it more restful to the eye, it is also easier to keep clean and tidy!

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