Give Your Laundry Room The Wow Factor

The laundry room often gets the short end of the stick!  Often it becomes the messiest, most neglected part of the home.  With this (seemingly endless) winter repeatedly supplying us with weather that keeps us inside, why not take the opportunity to pay a  bit more attention to your overlooked laundry room and turn it into an organized, clothes washing oasis!

If you use Pinterest for interior design inspiration, you’ve undoubtedly come across pictures of laundry rooms that are rather amazing.  Like this one.

Laundry Room

Or this one.

Laundry Room

Here are five great ways to help you give  your laundry room the wow factor! 

1. Get organized

If the laundry area is multipurpose, such as a mudroom or storage area, define the space for each use and organize shelving, baskets, or boxes for each.  Install a closet rod for air drying or hanging up clothes as soon as they are done in the dryer, and use a fold-away table for folding and sorting clothes that can be stored away when not in use.

2. If it ain’t quaint, paint!

If your laundry room is dark and depressing, paint the walls a traditional light colour or add a fresh coat to the trim.  If you have a window which lets in natural light, select a paint in sunshine yellow, or even orange.  Alternatively, choose blackboard paint for use on part of a wall and when you run out of detergent or dryer sheets, just add it to your list on the blackboard.

3. Texturize and accessorize

Bamboo blinds and linen-lined rattan laundry hampers will help establish a softer, relaxed mood. Mirrors are a great way to make smaller spaces appear larger while adding a touch of sophistication. And don’t forget, the laundry room is a great place for indoor plants, as they improve air quality and may absorb cleaning detergent scents.

4. Don’t be left in the dark

The laundry is likely the last place you’d spend a lot on a great-looking light fixture, but that doesn’t mean you have to go without! An elegant overhead light fixture adds a functional and decorative touch. Use a small chandelier with good light coverage for beauty or add a practical ceiling fan to circulate air while providing a little decorative interest.

5. Add your personality

Once you have your laundry room organized, don’t be afraid to decorate. Use colours that you love, put up family photos, kids artwork, your special collection of snow globes, anything that makes you smile.

Happy laundering!

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