DIY Friday: Easy space saving tips for your home

Whether your home is a compact condo, cozy semi, or spacious detached, we can all benefit from a periodic check-in to see if we are making the best use of our space.

DIY Friday: Paint Your Trim Like A Pro

A great way to enhance the beauty of your home is to add or upgrade trim and moldings and this is especially true if they’re properly finished!

DIY Friday: Deciding on the deck that works for you

Are you considering adding a deck or patio to your backyard? Here are a few tips to help you plan for your deck and patio improvement needs with a focus on resale value.

Home Safety: 10 ways to make your property more secure

Safety and security are a  concern for many Canadian homeowners.    With a little work and regular maintenance around your house and property, you can do a lot to make sure you and your family feel as safe as possible.   Really, it’s worth it!  After all, who doesn’t want that feeling of safety in […]

DIY Friday: 8 tips for optimizing your home’s lighting

Good lighting an essential for creating a welcoming atmosphere and as a bonus is a great way to show off your homes décor.

DIY Friday: 10 safety tips for your next Do-It-Yourself adventure

Beginning a Do-It-Yourself project can be an exciting challenge with the potential to increase your home’s resale value, but it can quickly turn dangerous if you don’t put safety first. Consider these 10 safety tips before embarking on your next DIY adventure:

DIY Friday: Create Your Own Home Design With Autodesk® Homestyler™ (It’s Genius, Easy To Use, & Free!)

Attention all homeowner’s in the beginning stages of remodelling, you need to check out this awesome home design website and tool called Autodesk® Homestyler™. What is it and how can it help your DIY project? Basically, it is a website that let’s you start your project from the floor up by clicking and dragging items onto a worksheet and creating 2D and 3D home designs. It’s easy-to-use and free!

DIY Friday: Tips for the inexperienced shoveller

In honour of the what is already being called the worst storm Toronto has seen since 2008, I decided that this DIY Friday blog would be an ideal time to post some simple shoveling tips. Check them out and happy shovelling!

Do-It-Yourself Friday: Spruce up the front entrance in a weekend (or less!)

Looking for a weekend do-it-yourself project but want to make sure you have enough time to catch the superbowl? Why not try revamping your front entrance-way.

What’s The Return On Investment For Your Home Improvement Project? Check out this list

Have you decided that this is the year you’re going to redo the kitchen, build an additional bathroom or install hardwood flooring? Whether your renovating for yourself or getting your home ready for selling, it’s always nice to know what the return on investment will be for your project.