Storage Hacks for Creating More Space

Storage Hacks for Creating More Space
Dealing with the increasing quantity of items we accumulate throughout life is a struggle for many of us. Here are some low-cost ideas for quickly creating storage space for your stuff.
  • Attach a cloth pouch or thin plastic basket to the inside of cupboard doors. This is a great way to store Tupperware lids, cosmetics, etc.
  • If you have floating shelves above the counter in your kitchen, hang hooks underneath the lowest one for hanging coffee cups.
  • Install hooks inside the foyer closet for loose items such as hats and scarfs.
  • When shopping for new seating consider buying pieces that have built in storage.
  • Use egg cartons to make effective storage inserts in drawers (they are also great for storing Christmas decorations!).
  • Opt for a headboard or bed frame with built-in drawers and shelves.
  • Fashion stores often put purchases in stiff, high-quality boxes. Placed on their sides, these make effective compartments for storing things in. (Shoeboxes are especially effective.)
  • Consider using suitcases for out-of-season clothing. In addition ttey also provide protection.
  • Never throw out an old wine rack. There are numerous ways these can be used. (For example: tools)

By thinking creatively, you can probably come up with many other simple ideas for creating more storage. The reward is a home that looks neater and more spacious.

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