Home Safety: 10 ways to make your property more secure

Safety and security are a  concern for many Canadian homeowners.    With a little work and regular maintenance around your house and property, you can do a lot to make sure you and your family feel as safe as possible.   Really, it’s worth it!  After all, who doesn’t want that feeling of safety in their own home?  Check out ten home safety maintenance tips below.


  1. Make sure that your porch and entrance to your home is well-lit.
  2. Trim low limbs from trees near your house to make climbing tough.
  3. Don’t leave ladders and tools outside, lock them up.
  4. Make sure that the number on your house is visible for emergency responders.
  5. Install your exterior doors properly; they should be a tight fit and hinges shouldn’t be installed on the outside where they can easily be unscrewed.
  6. Install proper locks on your doors and make sure that if the glass in or near the exterior door is broken the lock is inaccessible.
  7. Basement and ground-floor windows need to be equipped with adequate locks and have solid frames and sashes.
  8. If you have a sliding door use a wooden strip in the track to keep it from opening.
  9. Make sure you lock up the garage properly.
  10. If you are away on vacation creat the illusion that you’re actually at home.  Have a friend or neighbour pick up the mail/newspapers daily and use timers to turn on indoor lights automatically.

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