Making “Neighbourhood Targeting” Work for You

Making “Neighbourhood Targeting” Work for You Imagine if you dreamed of owning a special limited-edition vehicle. What would you do to ensure that your dream vehicle would someday be parked in your driveway – with your name on the ownership papers? You would probably start by doing some research. You’d find out how much that […]

Don’t Forget The Neighbourhood Open House!

While shopping for home, you will likely view a lot of properties in different neighbourhoods and will most likely attend a few open houses.

Picking The Perfect Neighbourhood

Today’s post is about selecting the perfect neighbourhood for you and your family. Shopping for a new home should be fun, not tedious and overwhelming and with a little ‘homework’ you will be able to enjoy the process.

Riverdale: A great place to visit or call home

Riverdale, formerly a town of its own before being annexed by the City in 1884, is a beautiful neighbourhood in Toronto’s east end.

Buying A New Home: 5 things to do before you start shopping

As most savvy buyers know, there are a few things you’d be wise to do before you begin shopping for your new home. Here are 5 tips for getting ready.

Off-leash dog parks in Toronto: Where to find one & how to request one in your neighbourhood

If you own a dog in Toronto you are most likely familiar with your nearest off-leash dog park.  For those of you that own a dog and are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city,  or would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog, or for those of you that are thinking […]

Homebuying 101: Choosing a neighbourhood that’s perfect for you

Today’s post covers the next step, picking the perfect location. Evaluating neighbourhoods and picking the one that is perfect for you is a very personal decision and will take many factors into account.

Keeping Your Home Safe: 10 home security tips

Home security is a concern for many Canadians, and justifiably so, according to the CMHC recent statistics show that burglary accounts for 22 per cent of all property crime.

Protect Your Home: Simple & Inexpensive Tips For Protecting Your Basement From Flooding

Do you assume that because you live at the top of a really big hill or that since you’ve never had an issue before that your property is safe from basement flooding? Think again.

Picking a New Neighbourhood: Ranking of Toronto Secondary Schools

It makes sense that many parents or parent’s to-be, when deciding on their next home, will take into consideration the quality of area schools. This report card is an excellent starting point as it ranks 718 secondary schools across Ontario, including many in Toronto.