Off-leash dog parks in Toronto: Where to find one & how to request one in your neighbourhood

If you own a dog in Toronto you are most likely familiar with your nearest off-leash dog park.  For those of you that own a dog and are thinking about moving to an unfamiliar part of the city,  or would like to visit another neighbourhood with your dog, or for those of you that are thinking about adopting a dog into your life, this list is for you!  Knowing where these off-leash dog  parks are located, will make your life much more enjoyable!

Below you will find the 2013 list of all official off-leash dog parks in Toronto (supplied by the City of Toronto’s website).  You will also note that some parks have the letters CDW or FEN beside them, these are the parks that allow Commercial Dog Walkers and/or are fenced in.

If you are living in an area where there are no off-leash dog parks, you have some options.  Below this listing of off-leash dog parks you will find the steps you can take to getting one established in your Toronto neighbourhood.



Dogs in an off-leash dog park

Please check park signage for details on designated areas and times of operation.

North York District Off-Leash Dog Parks

Earl Bales Park 4169 Bathurst St. CDW/FEN
G. Ross Lord Park 4801 Dufferin St. CDW/FEN
Sherwood Park Entrance into Park is located at 190 Sherwood Avenue. The off-leash area at Sherwood Park is a fenced trail. CDW/FEN
Sunnybrook Park Below the Sunnybrook Hospital, on the west side of the West Don River. MAP CDW/FEN
Woburn Park Northwest section of the park. This area is fenced off. Woburn Park is located just east of Bathurst off of Cranbrooke Drive. MAP FEN
Yonge and York Mills 4070 Yonge St., north of York Mills on the west side of Yonge St. CDW/FEN

Toronto & East York District Off-Leash Dog Parks

Allan Gardens (west end) 160 Gerrard Street East, Gerrard & Jarvis Street CDW/FEN
Bickford Park 400 Grace Street at Harbord Street CDW
Cassels Avenue Playground 69 Cassels Avenue at Brookside Avenue CDW
Cawthra Square 519 Church Street at Wellesley Street East MAP FEN
Cedarvale Park 1611 Bathurst Street at Lonsdale Road MAP CDW/FEN
Cherry Beach (at the foot of Cherry Street ) CDW
Clarence Square 25 Clarence Square FEN
Coronation Park 711 Lake Shore Blvd. W. FEN
Craigleigh Gardens 160 South Drive.
David Crombie Park 131 to 171 The Esplanade at Lower Sherbourne Street
Don Valley Brickworks 550 Bayview Ave. CDW/FEN
Gerrard Carlaw Parkette 855 Gerrard St. E. MAP CDW/FEN
Greenwood Park 150 Greenwood Avenue at Dundas Street East MAP CDW/FEN
Hideaway Park 23 Audley Ave. FEN
Hillcrest Park 950 Davenport Road at Christie MAP
Kew Gardens 2075 Queen Street East at Lee Avenue At the foot of Lee Avenue, on the beach delineated by fencing. CDW/FEN
Merrill Bridge Road Park 
1 East Lynn Ave.
Monarch Park 115 Hanson Street at CNR tracks MAP CDW
Norwood Park 16 Norwood Road, Woodbine & Gerrard Street CDW/FEN
Oakcrest Park 30 Oakcrest Avenue at Woodbine Avenue
Orphan’s Greenspace 51 Power St. CDW/FEN
Park Drive Reservation Lands 200 Park Drive at Mt. Pleasant Road  –
Ramsden Park 215 Avenue Road CDW
Riverdale Park East 550 Broadview Ave.
Riverdale Park West 375 Sumach Street at Carlton Street Lower playing fields, southeast of Riverdale Farm CDW
Silver Birch Park From the foot of Silverbirch Ave. to the foot of Nursewood Rd. CDW
Sir Winston Churchill Park 301 St. Clair Ave. W. MAP CDW/FEN
Sorauren Avenue Park 289 Sorauren Ave. MAP CDW/FEN
South Stanley Park 845 King Street West at Adelaide CDW/FEN
Stan Wadlow Park 888 Cosburn Ave. FEN
St. Andrew’s Playground 450 Adelaide St.W. FEN
Trinity Bellwoods Park 790 Queen Street West at Shaw Street MAP CDW
Vermont Square 819 Palmerston Ave. (Bathurst & Dupont area) MAP CDW
Wildwood Crescent Playground 110 Wildwood Crescent (Gerrard & Woodbine area) FEN
Withrow Park 725 Logan Avenue at Danforth Ave. MAP CDW/FEN
Wychwood Car Barns Park 575 Christie St. (Christie St. and Benson Ave.) FEN

Etobicoke & York District Off-Leash Dog Parks

Beresford Park 400 Beresford Ave.
Colonel Sam Smith Park (RL Clarke WT Plant), 1 Colonel Sam Smith Park Dr CDW
Don Russell Memorial Park Birmingham Street at Faustina Drive CDW
Earlscourt Park 1200 Lansdowne Ave. CDW/FEN
High Park (designated area) 1873 Bloor Street West at Parkside Drive CDW/FEN
Humber Bay Park West 2225 Lake Shore Blvd. W. CDW/FEN
King’s Mill Park 105 Riverwood Parkway (South of Bloor) CDW
Marie Curtis Park 2 Forty Second Street, Lakeshore and Browns Line CDW/FEN
Rennie Park 140 Ellis Ave.
Sir Casimir Gzowski Park 2001 Lakeshore Blvd. W. CDW/FEN

Scarborough District Off-Leash Dog Parks

Botany Hill Park 277 Orton Park Rd. CDW/FEN
L’Amoreaux Park 1785 McNicoll Ave. CDW/FEN
Scarborough Heights Park 27 Fishleigh Drive FEN
Thomson Memorial Park 1005 Brimley Ave. CDW/FEN
Warden Woods Park Pharmacy Ave. (Entrance on Pharmacy, north of Teesdale Place) CDW/FEN


So you’ve looked at the list and you can’t find an off-leash dog park close to your home, what should you do?  You should put a request into the City of Toronto to have one established in your neighbourhood.  Check out the request process below and for more information visit the City of Toronto’s website.

Off-Leash Dog Park Request Process

Request for Dogs Off-Leash Areas will be reviewed according to the People, Dogs and Parks Off-Leash Policy(PDF – 49KB – Updated Jan.28,2010)

Residents interested in establishing an off-leash area in their neighbourhood are requested to take the following steps:

  1. Establish a local dog owners’ association – this group must have a minimum of 2 members who will represent the association by providing their names and contact information to Parks, Forestry and Recreation and agree to carry on-going communication between the City of Toronto and local residents including dog owners.
  2. Submit a request in writing to Parks, Forestry and Recreation with the following information:
    • Neighbourhood where the need for an off-leash area exists – please include Ward, neighbourhood name and major intersections. For more information regarding Toronto’s neighbourhoods
    • Suggested park(s) within the neighbourhood and location(s) within the park(s)
    • Names, mailing addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of the 2 key contacts

Requests may be submitted by mail to:

Parks, Forestry and Recreation
Toronto City Hall, 4th Floor, West Tower
100 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
M5H 2N2


  1. Need off lease dog park in Etobicoke north near Martin grove and steels.

  2. Off-leash dog parks are a NIGHTMARE for the people who live close by and are subjects to non-stop excessive and uncontrolled barking from dogs whose owners have no idea how to train or control them. Methinks dog parks are note new adult day care system filling in our social isolation gaps. well, keep your bloody dogs at home until they are trained.

  3. Courtney says

    How do you start a dog owner’s association?

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