Wish List: Tips for making one

Before shopping for a new home, people often create a “wish list” of the features they desire most.

Buyers’ Corner: Will Your Furniture Fit?

When shopping for a new house or condo, you should put together a wish list – make sure you don’t miss measuring your furniture.

Buying A New Home: 5 things to do before you start shopping

As most savvy buyers know, there are a few things you’d be wise to do before you begin shopping for your new home. Here are 5 tips for getting ready.

Open House Safety Tips

Open houses are a necessary part of putting your home on the market and one of the tools that will help to sell you property.  What buyer wouldn’t want to inspect their potential new home and what could be the largest investment they have?  Unfortunately, whether it is a public open house or a private […]

Open House Safety Tips

Open houses are a necessary part of putting your home on the market. Here are some safety tips for preparing your home and yourself, for an open house.

Homebuying 101: Choosing a neighbourhood that’s perfect for you

Today’s post covers the next step, picking the perfect location. Evaluating neighbourhoods and picking the one that is perfect for you is a very personal decision and will take many factors into account.

Homebuying 101: Determine a list of needs for now AND in the future!

Whether it’s the first time or the tenth time you’ve gone shopping for a new home, one crucial step that shouldn’t be missed is putting together a realistic list of features your new home should have.

Is This Your Dream Home? Interesting Houses From Around The World

Having a property wish list is a great way to make your home hunting experience easier and much more enjoyable.  With that in mind, one of the things that should be on that list is the style of home you would love to own.  Now for most people this is straight forward; there are those […]

Advice for Buyers: Create a Property Wish List

Shopping for a new home should be an enjoyable experience, however, in reality for many it can often become a frustrating and challenging burden. That’s why I recommend putting together a property wish list before starting the process.