Open House Safety Tips

Open houses are a necessary part of putting your home on the market and one of the tools that will help to sell you property.  What buyer wouldn’t want to inspect their potential new home and what could be the largest investment they have?  Unfortunately, whether it is a public open house or a private showing, it can be hard for homeowners to willingly open up their homes to complete strangers.  Many will have some feelings of concern for their personal safety and belongings.  If you fall into this category, here are some tips for preparing your home and yourself, for an open house.

  1. Remove all medications from rooms in your home (make sure to check the medicine cabinets!).
  2. Remove or safely store all small valuable items including; real and costume jewelry, laptops, MP3 players, guns (although these should be locked up already!).
  3. Keep your bills, credit card receipts and bank statements out of view.
  4. Take inventory!  If you know what you have to start with its easier to know when something has gone missing.
  5. Ask your real estate agent to limit the number of people who are going through your open house at any one point.
  6. Consider removing any personal photographs from display.
  7. Keep your pets in a safe place.  It may not be possible to keep them away from the house the entire time your home is on the market and if this is the case make sure to find a safe place to lock them up so that they don’t accidentally get let out or stepped on!

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