Buying A New Home? Check Your Credit Report

Have you seen the humorous TV commercial that features someone lamenting the consequences of not having checked his credit score? Of course, having something negative on your report is nothing to laugh about. When shopping for a home, it can even get in the way of securing a good mortgage. If you don’t know what […]

What a Buyer is Thinking While Viewing Your Home

Ask any good salesperson for an effective selling technique and he’ll probably say something like, “Understand the buyer. Try to figure out what she’s thinking.” That’s good advice for you to consider when you’re putting your home up for sale. You need to imagine what a buyer might be thinking while viewing your property, so […]

5 Ways to Impress Home Buyers

Remember when you a home buyer and you found your current home? You walked in and got the feeling it was a great fit for you and your family.

Buyers’ Corner: Will Your Furniture Fit?

When shopping for a new house or condo, you should put together a wish list – make sure you don’t miss measuring your furniture.