Condominium Living: Security and safety tips

The majority of condominiums are secure and safe places to live.  However, it is always a good idea to periodically check and review some of the safety and security features of your suite and building (whether you rent or own).   Here a few tips to help you enjoy your condo safely and securely.

  1. Invest in a good deadbolt lock for both your entry door and balcony door.
  2. Always keep your balcony doors locked when you are away.
  3. If you are on the lower floors and store items of value on the balcony, make sure to cover and properly secure them.
  4. Make sure that all your windows close fully and that the locking mechanisms are in good condition.
  5. If you have a storage locker, store items out of reach and covered.  Make sure it is properly locked when you leave it.
  6. When letting someone in through a front door entry system, make sure you know who is asking to come in.
  7. Park your vehicle in well-lit areas.
  8. Report burned out light bulbs in common areas (stairwells, garbage rooms, corridors) to your building management.
  9. Be wary of strangers hanging around the front door.
  10. Do not disable security latches and features on windows – not only do they keep intruders out they also keep children from falling out of them.
  11. Keep cribs, beds, chairs and any furniture that a child can climb up on away from windows.
  12. Keep chairs and anything else a child can climb up on away from balcony edges. 
  13. Always supervise a child on a balcony.
  14. Look to see who is on the elevator before entering it.  If you feel uncomfortable at all wait for the next elevator.

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