Moving With Kids: 5 Great Leaside Elementary Schools

When moving it’s a great idea to take some time to research schools. Below you will find information about 5 Leaside Elementary Schools.

Moving? Tips for preparing your children for the event

Moving is a stressful event for adults, so why should it be any different for children? Here are some tips for making moving a bit easier on your kids.

Condominium Living: Security and safety tips

The majority of condominiums are secure and safe places to live. However, it is always a good idea to periodically check and review some of the safety and security features of your suite and building (whether you rent or own). Here a few tips to help you enjoy your condo safely and securely.

House Hunting: Child-friendly features to look for when shopping for a new home

Undoubtedly you will have your own list of child-proofing needs, but if you start your search by looking for a house that is already somewhat child-friendly you can ease some of the frustration after you’ve moved in.

Shopping For A New Home? Here are some tips for creating a property wish list

Shopping for a new home should be an enjoyable experience, however, in reality for many it can often become a frustrating and challenging burden. That’s why I recommend putting together a property wish list before starting the process.

Moving With Children: 12 Tips To Lessen The Stress

Moving is stressful for most adults, so why should it be any different for children? In fact for a lot of kids moving is a very scary prospect. Think about it. It means leaving behind important things like their bedroom and home, potentially their school, teams and clubs, and importantly possibly their friends.

Picking a Neighborhood: Schools

One of the factors that a lot of people consider when purchasing a home, and rightfully so, is where their children will be going to school. The recent annual report card on Ontario schools by the Fraser Institute has a rather disappointing message to Torontonians. It seems that on average…