Picking a Neighborhood: Schools

One of the factors that a lot of people consider when purchasing a home, and rightfully so, is where their children will be going to school.  The recent annual report card on Ontario schools by the Fraser Institute has a rather disappointing message to Torontonians.  It seems that on average our schools aren't keeping up with the provincial average.  

Having said that we also have the highest performing school across the province, St. Michael's Choir, located right in the heart of downtown.  On top of that we also have a number of other schools, like Leaside High, William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate, Richview Collegiate and Neil McNeil High that are rated exceptionally well (all of these schools scored a 8 out of 10 or higher).

Simply put there are a large number of schools doing well and a large number of schools not doing so well.  It is definitely worth the effort to check out the schools in your potential area, both for peace of mind value and resale value! The links below will take you to the Fraser Institute maps of Toronto secondary and elementary schools and their ratings.




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